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Briefly the Soft-start function

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Soft starter is a collection of soft start, soft stop, light load energy saving and multi-functional protection of motor control equipment, the following simple introduced the function of the soft starter:
1, overload protection function: soft starter has introduced the current control loop, and detected the motor current tracking status at any time. By increasing overload current setting and inverse time control mode, realize the function of overload protection, motor overload, turn-off thyristor and send out alarm signal.
2, open phase protection function: when work, soft starter test line of three-phase current change at any time, in the event of breaking, missing phase protection response.
3, overheating protection function: through the soft starter of internal thermal relay testing thyristor radiator temperature, when the radiator temperature exceeds allowable values automatically after turn-off thyristor, and send out alarm signal.
4, measure circuit parameter function: motor is working, the soft starter in the detector have been monitoring the motor running state, and will monitor the parameters sent to the CPU for processing, the CPU will monitor parameters is analyzed, storage and display. So the motor soft start device also has the function of measuring circuit parameters.
5, other function: through the combination of electronic circuit, can be realized in the system and other interlocking protection