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Brief inverter FAQs(2)

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1, using frequency converter operation, motor starting current and starting torque?

Using frequency converter operation, with the acceleration of the motor frequency and voltage increase, the starting current is limited at 150% below the rated current (depending on the model, 125% ~ 200%). Labor frequency power direct starting, the starting current is rated current of 6 ~ 7 times, therefore, will have impact on the mechanical and electrical. Adopt inverter driving can smoothly starting (starting time). Starting current is rated current of 1.2 ~ 1.5 times, the starting torque is 70% ~ 120% rated torque; For automatic enhancements with a torque converter, starting torque for more than 100%, can take full load starting.
2, V/f mode is what mean?
Frequency decrease is proportional to the voltage V also, this question has been answered. 4. V and f the proportion of the relationship is to consider the electrical properties and predetermined, usually in the storage device (ROM) of the controller has several features that can be used to switch or dial.
3, proportional to V and f, instead of the motor torque how to change?
To reduce voltage is proportional to the frequency falls entirely, so due to the smaller ac impedance and dc resistance constant, will cause is produced under the low speed torque tend to decrease. In low frequency given when the V/f, therefore, to make the output voltage is higher, in order to obtain a certain starting torque, the compensation according to starting. Can be used in a variety of ways, with automatic methods, choose or adjust the potentiometer method such as V/f mode.
4, writing on the manual speed range of 60 ~ 6 hz, namely 10:1, so in under 6 hz is no output power?
In 6 hz would still be able to output power, but according to the size of the motor temperature rise and starting torque etc, take 6 hz or so lowest use frequency, the motor can output rated torque and won't cause severe fever. Frequency converter (start frequency) according to the actual output frequency model is 0.5 ~ 3 hz..
5, for general motor combination is also required torque must be in more than 60 hz, whether can you?
Can not be normally. In more than 60 hz (also has more than 50 hz) voltage is the same, roughly constant power characteristics, same torque under the high speed requirement, must pay attention to the choice of motor and frequency converter capacity.