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Brief inverter FAQs(4)

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1, what is the regenerative braking?
Motor in operation if the lower order frequency, the motor run into asynchronous generator status, as a brake to work, this is called regenerative braking (electrical).
2, whether the system can get a bigger power?
Out of motor regenerative energy storage in the converter of the filter capacitor, due to the capacity of capacitor and pressure, the relationship between general inverter regenerative braking force is about 10% ~ 20% of the rated torque. If use to choose a braking unit, can achieve 50% ~ 100%.
3, please describe the protective function of frequency converter?
Protection function can be divided into the following two categories:
(1) detector automatically for correction action after the abnormal state, such as over current stall prevention, renewable overvoltage stall prevention.
(2) after the abnormal detector blockade PWM control signal, power semiconductor devices make motor automatic parking. Such as overcurrent overvoltage cut cutting and regeneration, semiconductor cooling fan overheating and instantaneous power failure protection, etc.
4, why use clutch is connected to the load, the frequency converter's protection function is action?
Clutch is connected to the load, the connection of instant, an induction motor from no load condition to rapid changes in large area, a large current to frequency converter overcurrent trip, can't work.
5, together in the same factory in large motor, inverter will stop running, is this why?
Motor starter will flow and capacity corresponding to the starting current, motor stator voltage drop side of transformer, motor capacity is large when the pressure drop is big also, connected to the inverter will make under voltage or over the same transformer transient stop judgment, therefore sometimes protection function (IPE) action, cease to function.