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Brief inverter FAQs(5)

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1, what is the frequency resolution? What's the point?
For digital control of inverter, even if the frequency command as an analog signal, the output frequency level is given. The smallest unit of this differential is called the frequency resolution. Frequency resolution is usually value was 0.015 ~ 0.5 Hz. For example, a resolution of 0.5 Hz, so 23 Hz can be turned into 23.5, 24.0 Hz, the top of the motor so action is a magnitude followed. Such as continuous coiling control purposes is a problem. In this case, if a resolution of 0.015 Hz, 1 for 4 motor differential below 1 r/min, also can fully adapt to. In addition, some of the model output and a given resolution.
2 if there is a limit, when installed inverter installation direction.
Inverter inside and on the back of the structure considering the cooling effect, and the relationship of ventilation is also important, therefore, for unit type in the disk, and hang on the wall from longitudinal, vertical installation as soon as possible.
3, do not use the soft starter, motor directly into a fixed frequency inverter whether can?
Under low frequency is possible, but if given the high frequency and frequency power directly starting conditions are similar. Will through the large starting current (6 ~ 7 times rated current), due to the frequency converter to cut off the current, the motor can't start.
4 more than 60 hz, the motor operation should pay attention to what problem?
More than 60 hz operation should pay attention to the following:
Machinery and apparatus (1) under the speed running to fully possible (mechanical strength, noise, vibration, etc.).
(2) the motor into the range of constant power output, the output torque to be able to maintain work (fan, pump shaft power output in the speed of the proportional increase, so the speed a little rise also should pay attention to).
(3) to produce the problem bearing of life, to fully into consideration.
(4) for motor over capacity in the 2 pole motor, in particular, in more than 60 hz to discuss with factory carefully during operation.
5, inverter can drive gear motor?
According to the structure of the reducer and lubrication method is different, need to pay attention to several issues. On gear structure usually consider 70 ~ 80 hz for maximum limit, when the oil lubrication is used, under the low speed continuous operation is related to the damage of the gear, etc.