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Brief inverter FAQs(6)

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1, single-phase motor, frequency converter can be used to drive? You can use the single-phase power supply?
Basically can't use. For governor switch start type of single phase motor, under the working point will be destroyed when the auxiliary winding speed range; For capacitor starting or operating method of capacitance, the trigger capacitor explosion. Inverter power supply usually is 3 phase, but for small capacity, single-phase power supply function model is also useful.
2, the consumption of the inverter itself.
It with the inverter model, running state, the use frequency and so on, but it's difficult to answer. But in 60 hz inverter efficiency is about 94% ~ 96%, thus can calculate loss, but hidden in regenerative braking type (FR - K) converter, if the loss when the brake is also taken into account, power consumption will be larger, for panel design must pay attention to.
3, why can't continuous operation in 6 ~ 60 hz area used?
General motors using installed on the shaft of the fan or the blade on the rotor end ring for cooling, if the speed reduce the cooling effect is reduced, thus unable to bear the same as the high speed of heating, must reduce the load torque at low speeds, adopting the combination of large capacity of the inverter and motor or or using special motor.
4, when using motor with brake, should pay attention to?
Brake power excitation circuit shall be taken from frequency converter input side. If the inverter is power output brake action, will cause the current be cut. So want to in the inverter output to stop after the brake action.
5, want to use the frequency converter drive with capacitor motors with improved power factor, motor does not move, please state reasons.
Frequency converter with the capacitor current flows into the improvement of power factor, frequency converter due to the charging current over-current (OCT), so can't start, as a countermeasure, please remove the capacitor after the operation, as to improve the power factor, the frequency converter input side access AC reactor is effective.