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Brief inverter FAQs(7)

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How long is the life of a 1, frequency converter?
Inverter is a stationary device, but also have like filter capacitor, cooling fan, the consumption of the device, if they are regular maintenance, is expected to have more than 10 years of life.
2, inside the converter cooling fan, the direction of the wind? If fan is broken?
For small capacity without the cooling fan model. Have fan models, the direction of the wind is from the bottom up, so the converter equipped place, don't place obstruction of upper and lower suction, exhaust the mechanical equipment. Also, frequency converter placed above do not afraid of hot parts, etc. Fan failure occurs, the electric fan to stop inspection or cooling fan overheating protection
3, filter capacitor for consumables, so how to determine its life?
Used as a filter capacitor of the capacitor, the static capacity over time slowly decrease, periodically measuring static capacity, in order to achieve 85% of the rated capacity of the products as a benchmark to judge when the life.
4 if there is a limit, when installed inverter installation direction.
Basic collection should be in the disk, the problem is to use totally enclosed structure of plate shape size is big, take up the space is large, the cost is quite high. The measures are as follows:
(1) set of design in view of the actual device needed to heat;
(2) use aluminum heat sink, wing coolant, increase the cooling area;
(3) USES the heat pipe.
5, what is the function of inverter dc reactor?
Reduce the input current of higher harmonic interference, improve the power factor of input power supply.