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Water supply control cabinet

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POWTECH PS (Power System) series constant pressure  water supply  control cabinet is  dedicated to

 water  supply system for living, production  and  agriculture, with  introduction  of the  latest  European

 design  concept  and  precision  technology, developed  based  on user’s  habits of using  water.This 

series have one inverter drives one pump control cabinet (built-in PID function and implement constant

 pressure  water   supply  control ), and  one  inverter drives  multiple  pumps  control  cabinet ( set the

quantity  of pumps  according to various  situations ) The LCD  can display both  Chinese and  English

 messages. Control  single pump or multiple  pumps with Visual operation. Adopt  the latest technology

 of single chip, achieve  seamless combination  of human-computer interface, PLC and variable speed


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